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  • 14.-Levan-Mindiashvili_Untitled_No.2(SUITES.2)_00Untitled No.2 (Suites II)

    Untitled No.2 (Suites II)

    charcoal drawing and mylar on pigmented plaster and paper mounted on painted canvas, in aluminum artist frame
    16″×12″ (40.6×30.4 cm)

  • 13.-Levan-Mindiashvili_Untitled_No.1(SUITES.2).00Untitled No.1 (Suites II)

    Untitled No.1 (Suites II)

    charcoal drawing on pigmented plaster and paper mounted on painted canvas, in aluminum artist frame
    16″×12″ (40.6×30.4 cm)

  • 11. Levan-Mindiashvili_Suits-For-Unintended-Archeology.11Suites


    set of 12 drawings on rice paper
    each 17.7×12.7

    11. Levan-Mindiashvili_Suits-For-Unintended-Archeology.11
  • 10.-Levan-Mindiashvili_Suits-For-Unintended-Archeology.04Suites For Unintended Archeologies

    Suites For Unintended Archeologies

    “Suites For Unintended Archeologies” installation view at The Vazquez Building, 2015 left: series of drawings “Suites”,
    right: Untitled No.7
    plaster, wood, metal, clear plexiglass

  • 9. Levan Mindiashvili_UNTITLED_09Untitled No.9 (Unintended Archeology)

    Untitled No.9 (Unintended Archeology)

    pigmented plaster, steel and painted plywood

    9. Levan Mindiashvili_UNTITLED_09
  • 8.-Levan-Mindiashvili_Untitled-(Past-is-Just-a-Story)_2017Untitled (Past is Just a Story)

    Untitled (Past is Just a Story)

    pigmented hydrocal, wood, mirror

  • 7.-Levan-Mindiashvili_VOLTA_05Untitled (Unintended Archeology)

    Untitled (Unintended Archeology)

    pigmented hydrocal, wood, plexiglass, spray mirror, acrylic paint, brass, aluminum

  • 6.-Levan-Mindiashvili_VOLTA_04Untitled (Unintended Archeology)

    Untitled (Unintended Archeology)

    pigmented hydrocal, wood, neon light

  • 4.-Levan-Mindiashvili_Untitled-(2013-11-30-16.58.55-copy)Untitled (2013-11-30 16.58.55)

    Untitled (2013-11-30 16.58.55)

    acrylic on canvas, two parts
    each 137×106, overall size 137×216

  • 3.-Levan-Mindiashvili_MG_0469_COPY.COPY.JPG-(Past-Is-Just-A-Story)-2016Past Is Just A Story

    Past Is Just A Story

    acrylic on canvas, two parts
    each 137×106, overall size 137×216

  • 2. Levan Mindiashvili_Untitled (Past is just a story we tell ourselves)_2015 copyPast is just a story we tell ourselves

    Past is just a story we tell ourselves

    acrylic on canvas, two parts
    each 218×172.7, overall size 218×345

    2. Levan Mindiashvili_Untitled (Past is just a story we tell ourselves)_2015 copy
  • 1.-Levan-Mindiashvili_img_5444.jpg-(Something-We-All-Adore)_2015Something We All Adore

    Something We All Adore

    acrylic on canvas, two parts
    each 218×172.7, overall size 218×345


Levan Mindiashvili is a Georgian born (1979) visual artist living and working in New York and Tbilisi. He holds his BFA in sculpture from Tbilisi State Academy of Arts and realized post- graduate studies in Crossed Media at The National University of Arts of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Among his awards are Commission Grant for Public Art Projects from National Endowments for Arts, New York, 2014 and Emerging Artist of 2011, Movistar Arte Jóven, Buenos Aires, Argentina. With Uta Bekaia he had collaborated as Bekaia + Mindiashvili duo on several projects, among them are “Night Intervention” at State Silk Museum, Tbilisi (Georgia) and “Unintended Archeology” at The Lodge Gallery, NYC. In 2017 he will serve as a guest professor at The Visual Arts and Design School, in Tbilisi (Georgia). His works had been included in recent group exhibitions at Tbilisi History Museum, (Georgia); Literature Museum, Tbilisi (Georgia), Arsenal, Kiev (Ukraine), Tartu Art Museum (Estonia); Georgian National Museum, Tbilisi; Clemente Soto Center, New York; ODETTA, Brooklyn; Recent solo exhibitions include “Studies For Unintended Archeology”, The Vazquez Building, Brooklyn; “Borderlines”, The Lodge Gallery, NYC; “Urban Identities”, Kunstraub99, Cologne.



2008-2010 Postgraduate Studies in Crossed Media, IUNA (National University of Art of Buenos Aires) Argentina;
1997-2003 Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts;



2014 FABLES commission grant for Public Art Projects, National Endowments for Arts, New York City;
2011 Emerging Artist of 2011. Movistar Arte Jóven 2011, Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires, Argentina;
2010 The 3rd Award for the Drawing, Premio Museo Metropolitano, Buenos Aires, Argentina;



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