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  • The Styx 01 (jellyfish)

    The Styx 01 (jellyfish)

    Oil, acrylic, canvas
    182×152cm, 2017

    EUR 15,000 – SOLD

  • The Styx 02 (child)

    The Styx 02 (child)

    Oil, acrylic, canvas
    182×152cm, 2017

    EUR 15,000 – SOLD

  • The Styx 03 (jellyfish)

    The Styx 03 (jellyfish)

    Oil, acrylic, canvas
    182×152 cm, 2017

    EUR 15,000 – Available

  • The Styx 04 (outside in)

    The Styx 04 (outside in)

    Oil, acrylic, canvas
    182×152cm, 2017

  • The Styx 05 (jellyfish)

    The Styx 05 (jellyfish)

    Oil, acrylic, canvas
    182×152cm, 2017

  • The Styx 06 (inside out)

    The Styx 06 (inside out)

    Oil, acrylic, canvas
    182×152cm, 2017

  • The Styx 11

    The Styx 11

    Oil, acrylic, canvas
    200×200cm, 2018

  • The Styx 12 (angels)

    The Styx 12 (angels)

    Oil, acrylic, canvas
    200×200cm, 2018

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  • STYX


    The STYX by Levan Songulashvili is an installation of mental, emotional, and psychological passage. It refers to a sense of exigent myth and allegory, alluding to the famous mythological river as a site of psychical transformation. It is the point of transit and entry to the imagined underworld, and stands for the experience of life as that of journey and passage, a voyaged dream into the ravelled beyond, leading to an awakening that acknowledges the expanded awareness of new realities.

    From living consciousness to masked unconscious, from life to death, and the imagined world and afterlife, the River Styx is an aqueous symbol of radical change from the mutable aspects of the world to immutable and inevitable certainty of our eventual passage. For these reasons the project conceived as an immersive experience as expressed through video installations and a unique series of sepia and black and white related paintings by Songulashvili

    The artist’s integration of a video installation and his paintings presents an interwoven vision, mediated by the extended metaphor of the self-regenerative “hydrozoan” medusa jellyfish. A creature not intended by the artist as a description as such, but as a symbolic metaphor, and an embodied form of signification that is representative of life and the nature of mutability and change.

    Songulashvili sees the Styx as emblematic of the interstices or in-between that is present in everyday life. Like the drowning souls in this river of oblivion that have not achieved passage, the jellyfish are dependent on the vagery and drift of ocean currents. Yet it is also clear that the greater accumulative and material accomplishments of the artist are best seen through the inner vision of his paintings, which presents the viewer with feelings of veiled and ephemeral presences that capture fleeting (mutable) experience and temporarily transfixes them. For example the large Styx (Portrait), whale also indicative of the translucent and the semi-veiled, shows in the spectral presence of a child’s face that seems to emerge out diffuse mist or hypnopompic consciousness Levan Songulashvili whether he is focussed on video or painting has developed a marked accomplishment that places him in a long tradition of artist’s that reflect on states of meditative consciousness. The STYX is for the viewer a personal journey through emotion and consciousness, a sensory immersion into mortality and sensibility – the passage that is a human life.

    — Mark Gisbourne



      The possession of an independent sense of emergent identity is a major concern of Levan Songulashvili, and is further indicated by his System of Objects video-sculpture installation, that deals specifically with singularity and the collective through means of repetition A singular figure stands transfixed in the centre and median point of the concourse of the Oculus building in New York (close to the site of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre), while all around him foot passengers are shown walking backwards as in a state of repetitive reverse gear. And we as participant spectators add ourselves to the greater view over the balloon-like heads of a putative audience. It evokes the question of our own daily life of conformity and senseless repetition. The video was developed from and related to the painting Idem et Idem, a Latin usage of repetition (literally “Same and the same”) revealing a close and immediate intimacy between the artist’s time-based film and video works and paintings. — Mark Gisbourne, 2018


      Curriculum vitae

      Birth date – 1991, born in Georgia, lives and works in NY



      2014-2016 Masters of Fine Arts in Painting, New York Academy of Art /
      NYC, USA
      2009-2013 Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic/Drawing, Tbilisi State
      Academy of Arts / Tbilisi, Georgia



      2016 ART16 London’s Global Art Fair, Olympia, London, UK
      2015 “Take Home a Nude 2015” at Sotheby’s / New York City, USA
      2015 Tribeca Ball / New York City, USA
      2015 Open Studios, NYAA / New York City, USA
      2014 Deck the Walls, Wilkinson Gallery / New York City, USA
      2013 Exhibition of undergraduate/diploma works at the Big Exhibition
      Hall of the
      Tbilisi State Academy of Art, highly commended by special commission /
      Tbilisi, Georgia
      2013 A joint exhibition of the Art Academy’s professors and successful
      students, Tbilisi, TSAA “NATO” Gallery / Tbilisi, Georgia
      2012 Art exhibition at the Tbilisi State Conservatory Art Hall / Tbilisi,
      2011 Art exhibition at the Ministry of Sport of Georgia / Tbilisi, Georgia
      2011 Exhibition of successful young Georgian artists’ paintings at the Art
      Academy Gallery / Tbilisi, Georgia
      2010 Art exhibition dedicated to Leo Tolstoy’s works, at the Exhibition
      Hall of A. Griboedov Theatre / Tbilisi, Georgia
      2010 Exhibition of young artists’ paintings at the Exhibition Hall of Tbilisi
      Medical Institute / Tbilisi, Georgia
      2010 Exhibition at the exhibition hall of the National Library / Tbilisi,
      2010 Solo art exhibition, Art Hall / Tbilisi, Georgia
      2009 Solo art exhibition at N. Dumbadze State Theatre / Tbilisi, Georgia
      2009 Art exhibition at the National Youth Palace / Tbilisi, Georgia
      2009 Art exhibition at the Tbilisi Mayor’s Office / Tbilisi, Georgia
      2009 Art exhibition at Elene Akhvlediani’s Art Gallery / Tbilisi, Georgia
      2006 Exhibition at the National Youth Palace / Tbilisi, Georgia
      2005 Exhibition at the National Youth Palace / Tbilisi, Georgia
      2004 Exhibition at the National Youth Palace / Tbilisi, Georgia


      2016 Ego Awards 2015 for “Discovery of the Year”
      2015 Georgian Public Broadcaster’s Awards for “The Best Artist of The



      2015-16 Winner of the International Education Center of Georgia’s
      competition ($35,598 USD)
      2015 Prime Minister’s Award Receiver from The International Education
      Center of Georgia ($30,000 USD)
      2015 Job offer from Jeff Koons Studio in NYC
      2015 NYAA Portrait Scholarship Award Winner ($10,000)
      2014 Academy Scholar Merit Award of the Admissions and Scholarship
      New York Academy of Art ($7,000)
      2014 “Master and Doctoral Program” Scholarship Award winner of the
      Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia (MES) ($30,000)
      2013-2009 Winner of the Scholarship of the Ministry of Culture and
      Protection of Georgia
      2013-2010 Winner of the Tbilisi Art Academy’s scholarship
      2012 International certificate for the successful participation in the
      festival “Inter Art Batumi”
      2011 Invitation to Germany (Munich); Made stage design of drama
      performance at Das Passionstheater (Oberammergau)
      2011 Winner of JSC TBC Bank Scholarship for the Art Project in Germany
      2010 Painting of school building wall as part of “developing inclusive
      education at 9 public schools of Georgia” project of the Ministry of
      Education and Science of Georgia
      2010 Award and certificate of the Ministry of Education and Science
      2010 National Library’s award for the successful participation in the open
      doors day
      2008 Special prize and letter of appreciation for achievements from the
      President of
      2007 Winner of I degree diploma at IV exhibition/competition of the
      Hobby Gallery
      2006 Winner of I degree diploma at III exhibition/competition of the
      Hobby Gallery
      2005 Winner of I degree diploma at II exhibition/competition of the Hobby
      2004 Winner of I degree diploma at I exhibition/competition of the Hobby
      2008-2006 Prize awarded for successful participation in the Georgian
      Section of the Republican Educational and Art Conference
      2006 Awarded as the member of Fine Art Section of National Youth Palace
      for active
      and successful participation in various exhibitions over years
      2004 Winner of the international competition “Niamori”
      2015 The New York Academy of Art’s Annual “Tribeca Ball”


      Publications, Press & Media

      2016 The Art Couch “Existentialism in painting, discover the art of Levan
      2016 Studio Visit Magazine
      2016 Art People Gallery
      2016 “INDIGO” magazine
      2015 Paddle8
      2015 Georgian Journal
      2015 Agenda
      2015 Art Economist
      2015 CBW
      2015 Georgia Today
      2015 NewsGeorgia
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      2015 Artinfo
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      2015 Alva
      2015 Intermedia
      2015 Gramlove
      2014 “Kvira” / Apr 15, 2014 / Online Magazine
      2013 The Elite
      2011 Generation+
      2011 Public Encyclopedia “Faces & Names”
      2011 Successful undergraduate piece of work, kept at the Art Academy’s
      Drawing Department and published at the Academy’s art manual “Art of
      2010 Georgian annual Encyclopedia Sakhelebi / “Faces & Names”
      2010 Our Writers
      2009 Beau Monde
      2009 The Spring
      RUSTAVI 2
      Georgian Public Broadcaster
      REAL TV