Nina Pery was born in 1967. She grew up in the artists’ family, her father was a sculptor and mother painter. Nina started painting from the early childhood, her mother played a big role in forming Nina as an artist…

Nina graduated from the Art School of Tbilisi, she studied art in the studio at he Museum of Akhvlediani and applied arts in the National Palace of Youth. In 1991 she had a first personal exhibition in the National Palace of Youth.

From the earliest childhood she’s been participating at the exhibitions and contests throughout the Soviet Union. She has number of awards, diplomas and a golden medal from the exhibition at VDNH Moscow


1979-83 Akhvlediani Young Artists Museum

1986-1991 Academy of Art. Tbilisi, Georgia.


2015 Contemporary art fair Zurich

2015 White Gallery – Berlin

2015 Iberart Gallery – Berlin

2014 Group exhibition, Chelsea Town Hall, London

2014 Mad Art, Egem (Belgium)

2013 Group exhibition – Amsterdam, Art Fair, “Gallery 11”.

2013 “Touch Georgia” – Cologne

2012 IBERART gallery – Berlin

2011 IBERART gallery – Berlin

2010 IBERART gallery – Berlin

2009 Group exhibition – Akhvlediani Museum

2009 Art Fair – Artistes Contemporains – Lausanne.

2007 Historical Museum “Qarvasla” Tbilisi

2005 Gallery “Kopala” Tbilisi

2004 Gallery “Kopala” Tbilisi

1997 “Georgian Painting”, N. Shevardnadze – Akhvlediani Collection, Geneva.

1997 “Modern Art Gallery”, Paris

1997 Gallery “Natali”, Paris.

1996 “Modern Art Gallery”, Paris.

1996 The “Drouot” Auction, Paris.

1996 Gallery “Alexander”, Paris.

1996 Gallery “De Busset”, Paris.

1995 “Modern Art Gallery”, Paris.

1995 “Le Larochel” Restaurant Paris.

1994 “Modern Art Gallery”, Paris.

1994 Gallery “Dmochowski”, Paris.

1994 “Sixty Painters”-New Gallery, Tbilisi.

1994 “Three masters of Drawing”- New Gallery, Tbilisi.